Politics & Objectives

Samixcolor , which operates in the field of development and production of pre-dispersed pigments and inks, flexographic and gravure printing , intends to pursue a policy of integrated management targeted to meet the continuing needs and expectations of the customer , respecting the environment as an integral part of their development process .


The company's policy is aimed at containing and reducing the environmental impact resulting from its activities and services , consistent with the principle of continuous improvement and in compliance with applicable environmental legislation , ensuring even greater internal efficiency through the planning and control of business processes.


Samixcolor , certified according to the international standards of the series 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment ) , is committed to:


  • Give the customer a product which conforms to their expectations in terms of quality , reliability, flexibility of configuration and the right price.
  • Deliver to customers in accordance with the agreed delivery terms .
  • Make your own structure as flexible as possible , to meet the needs of the customer .
  • Constantly monitor business processes , setting measurement indicators and targets measurable and achievable , for the improvement of the same.
  • Update and apply the laws and regulations in order to ensure a product and a service complies with the requirements ( the client and the law) , and the environment.
  • Continuously improve internal efficiency through the effective organization of activities, a reasonable definition of company policy , and its periodic reassessment to ensure acceptable performance and updating
  • Important consideration is the motivation of the staff, favorendode professional growth
  • Look for continuous improvement commitment to the environment , always aiming to prevent pollution
  • Rationalize the consumption of natural resources , particularly water resources and energy .
  • Improve the management of waste produced.
  • Search for innovative solutions to offer the most possible products with a lower environmental impact.
  • Take all necessary measures to restrict the occurrence of emergency conditions.
  • Contributing to the provision of a greater awareness by communicating to the public and interested parties in this policy .

These commitments find their application through goals, targets and business programs established and periodically reviewed.



December 2011

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